As in, Committed to Writing This Whether I Want to Or Not   Let's talk about frozen dead guys and dream carousels! In 1989 Bredo Morstoel (Bread-dough More-stul) died of heart failure during a nap at his mountain retreat in Norway. He was director of parks and Recreation in Baerum County, Norway for 30 years … Continue reading Committed



Another Halloween has come and gone. Not long ago I lamented how both of my kids were about to be too old to trick or treat. It was very poignant and sad. But my 15 year-old son and his 15 year-old girlfriend dressed up as Rick and Morty and went this year, and then they … Continue reading Savasana

The Night Doorman

There is a jagged crack in the ceiling of this freight elevator; paint over a splintered fracture that buckles slightly in the center. Two pieces pushed together impatiently and then abandoned to decide for themselves how they fit. Hardly noticeable. A doorman runs the freight elevator even though it is automated. The day shifter runs … Continue reading The Night Doorman

Thank You.

I was angry when I wrote this Forgive me if it goes astray... 😉 ******************* Thank you for showing me what your face actually looks like when you peel back the skin - the carefully applied camouflage and strategic shading revealing something burnt and diseased and decayed, the fascia tearing like a bandage being ripped from an … Continue reading Thank You.