I have no idea what this woman is doing. Doesn't she know it's winter? She should put on a robe. I can’t keep all my passwords and emails and which platform they go with straight on my phone so I can never clap for a story on Medium without a six step process that involves … Continue reading Truth



I should have broken the last post in two. Because it's 3pm and this is my freewrite which means I'm going to rush through it because I should be writing for tomorrow. I am angry today. I read how Christine Blasey Ford gave the proceeds of her GoFundMe to help other assault survivors, after she … Continue reading Clearly


"Comedy has changed so much since then; it has become unrecognizable since I first began interviewing her in 2016. It has gone from being a variety of ways to tickle a person — real life, funny because it’s true, ironic funny, deadpan funny, parody funny, no-duh funny, slapstick, farce, absurdity, pratfalls, a real variety — … Continue reading Musing


The small rechargeable cat scratched the emergency backup cat in the eye because he is an asshole. So I made an appointment at the vet and fell asleep. And I woke to having missed the appointment. And they said "that's fine! just bring her now!" But she was hiding, she and her winky eye, under … Continue reading Wink


Where we left off: Descending into pathos now. Not where I was going. Where was I going? I'm not sure it matters. And then...the political climate. Politically, I can get along fine with everyone if I just abandon my principles. And that is all I'm going to say about that. Oh, and - we are … Continue reading Penny