For those unfamiliar, Dorian Murray is an eight year-old boy who has been bravely fighting rhabdomyosarcoma,  a rare pediatric cancer, since the age of four. At the first of the year he and his parents received the news that treatment was no longer working. His wish is to become famous all over the world.

I asked my children to make signs as part of #DStrong today. My son took a very long time, trying to make sure he got the shading just right, and the following is a conversation that I had with myself, and with my daughter. It was a struggle to get all the people and both signs in the picture, so I posted all of them.

Dorian, you are my hero.

Read about Dorian here, and show your support by tweeting  to #DStrong or visit Misfits of a Mountain Mama or New World Mom and post a picture or write something of your own.

This is Dorian Murray.







The sign is supposed to say #DStrong, with the state I’m from and I hold it up in a selfie, right?

(eight years old)

Should I add something to the sign to personalize it? I should, right? Like a message or a drawing of something cool?

(Dorian is eight years old)

Damn it. Screwed up the hashtag. #moron

*starts over*

(my little girl)

I should have my daughter draw something. She’d love to do this. I’ll just put all the words that need to be on there

(my little girl is eight years old)

and she can draw pictures and put stickers on it or whatever

(do i tell her?)

or I’ll end up with a sign with a creepy anime drawing and a bunch of Hello Kitty stickers and should the “d” in #dstrong be capitalized? Well. The D in “Dorian” sure as heck should be. #thirdgradegrammar

*throws in trash*

*starts over*

(third grade)

or like that one time she drew a picture of what she thought she’d look like in ten years and

(in ten years)

called it “my fucher self” and her h’s look a little like k’s and her brother took a picture of it and texted it to me with “you must be proud”

(i am)

Should the letters be in black? Or purple or blue…Doesn’t matter, as long as people can read them, I guess. How did I manage to misspell “strong?”

*throws self in trash*

*starts over*

Mommy, do you think Dorian will like hearts? What does that word mean?

(pediatric cancer)

I think Dorian will love hearts. Pediatric means the kind of medicine and people who take care of sick kiddos. Cancer is what Dorian has.

But will Dorian get well?

(what do i say)

(what do i say)

The medicine he was taking isn’t working anymore. So he’s stopped taking it. No one knows what will happen tomorrow.

(no one knows)

(before I get to Heaven)

Isn’t there different medicine?

Doesn’t sound like it.

His mommy and daddy are sad. You would be sad.

I would be sad. But Dorian and his mommy and daddy are trying to do this for him, and they are trying to be as strong as they can and do as much good as they can right now. They want to give him lots of smiles.

(stronger than i am)

(eight years old)

I’m done, Mommy!

It’s beautiful, sweetie.

(this is for you, Dorian)


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