I’m fine.  Really.

I am probably not going to turn into a giant spider.  Speaking of which, have you seen Spiderbabe?  Best. Movie. Ever.  Patty Porker gets bit by a radioactive spider, becomes a superhero and then she shoots webs out of her….ok, you know what?  Just watch.  I’ll wait here.


When I quit smoking, I took up running.  To remind myself why I quit smoking.  Because I like breathing.

When I run, I stash my car remote in the elastic between my running bra and my other running bra.  This allows me to provide post-run entertainment to the other park visitors by (me) squeezing my boob to unlock my car.

As I run, sometimes it (the remote) tries to escape via the underboob railroad, and I have to make adjustments, some of which require me to stop and do some serious foraging.

Thus, I had already been to second base twice this morning, when it all went wrong.

It’s not really running, what I do.  It’s a walk/shuffle hybrid.  Wuffling.  I go twice a week at a nature preserve not far from my house.  It is breathtakingly beautiful there, early in the morning.  You walk off the parking lot into that scene with Snow White and all the animals.  Woodland creatures,  the scent of wildflowers in the breeze, flanked on both sides by fairly dense trees, and if you turn the wrong direction you end up in The Blair Witch Project, which is how I discovered running in the first place.

Today I felt adventurous, and I took a detour via an unpaved trail.  It was exhilarating and refreshing until I started doing that stupid thing I do where I think “If I were a serial killer, and I were in this park, THIS is how I’d catch a victim wuffling along on an isolated trail.” Then I ran through a spider web that was clearly designed to catch A DEER by the most ambitious spider in the world.  And I screamed, causing the imaginary murderer behind me to think he got claim-jumped.  I did the obligatory wheresthefuckingspider dance with a third, two-handed trip to second base and some impressive self-administered ass smacking and hair flipping.  Convinced that no spider would have stuck around through all of that, I carried on.

About half a mile later, the spider got to third base.  Or whatever base involves crotch-biting.  (Maybe that’s just me.)  I felt something tiny and sharp stab me and I looked down to see a brown spider as big as a Susan B. Anthony dollar sitting on the intersection of Third and Vine.  And I may have panicked a little.


1. Slap the affected area repeatedly, with alternate hands, and with such intensity that later you will not be able to tell whether you were bitten by a spider or attacked by an angry dominatrix.  Or sit comfortably.

2. Shriek as if all the things are on fire.

3. When the offending interloper is dislodged, stomp on it with both feet while screaming “DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE!!!”

4. Sprint 50 yards because the dead, squashed spider or it’s angry family might be chasing you.

Then I rounded a curve in the trail and startled a herd of cross-fitters who mistook the whole thing for a WOD and began following my lead.

I’m actually kind of hoping for spiderpowers.  Wouldn’t THAT be a shock for the imaginary serial killers?  You didn’t watch the clip, did you?  So you don’t get it.  Well, I can’t help you….

19 thoughts on “I Only Run When Chased

  1. This is so flippin’ funny. I once walked into a web designed to catch a linebacker…..that shit exists…..of course I’ve never had a spider go down on me perhaps my brand of shower gel doesn’t appeal to them….anyhow be careful out there.

  2. That would be an interesting attack method, haha. I got a new car and found out that a spider had made it his home. I discovered him as he crawled across my bare lap, while driving. I’ve never exited a vehicle so fast!!

  3. I watched the trailer and I thought oh my they really will make a movie about anything. I have never read a more comical, well written attack involving a spider in my life! I was running right along beside you when I read your account. Funny, funny, had me crying with laughter post. 🙂

  4. Holy shit. I will be having nightmares tonight. I have a HUGE fear of spiders. And a giant one THERE? I would have passed out and the CrossFit people would have used me as dead weight for their WOD. Thank you for giving me another thing to add to my list of totally legit reasons why I don’t run.

  5. This post made me do that strange snort/laughing thing that makes coworkers look at you like you are crazy! I’m so jaded and cynical these days that it’s a feat to make me laugh out loud – so you should win some sort of award or something. I sometimes wuffle along the river here, where there is lots of underbrush and trees to hide potential rapists and/or bodies. I’ve add a little observational twirl to my wuffle every ten yards or so to catch any pouncers in the act – you can’t be too vigilant (until you fall on your ass or twist your ankle).

  6. hahaha i can just picture this so vividly. Too funny. damn spiders…

    *by the way….something very strange is happening. I come over here and it doesn’t show that I follow you. HOW DO I NOT FOLLOW YOU? And than I tweet this post (I’m a sharer, yo) and it asks if I want to follow your twitter account. WHAT. I don’t understand this. You’re a sister wife and a friend. I know I followed you prior to today. Or maybe I dreamed it. *bewildered*

    1. I wonder if you follow me on blogger. I moved in January. Mandi followed me there, too. Anyway, glad you’re here now! And twitter I just fired up again. I’m having trouble reconciling my two identities. 🙂

  7. I love your stories! I was freaking our after reading where you were bit, and I watched the video. If you develop such powers, you will be better than that other amazing spidey guy. I hope all is well with 3rd base.

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