I’m sorry.
I will not be there today.
There is too much to do.

I have to release the fairies from the cupboard
To help make a birthday cake for a bear
Who lives on the moon with a mermaid princess
Named Yaleena
Or Alaya
Or Nala

I have to argue the physics
And velocity
And wisdom
Of throwing THAT at the sliding glass door

I have to change my clothes 47 times
And make Christmas presents
Out of expired store coupons and shredded paper
And rocks
And ask myself how many days until I am 6.

I have to run up and down the stairs in swim fins
Shooting projectiles at invisible robots
Pausing every now and then to shout
Before being sent to my room for punching my sister

I have to sneak up on myself and shout BOO!
Make a recording of me scolding
And play it back at chipmunk speed
Or Darth Vader
Until I forget why I am mad.

I have to hold my hand
And promise to grow a little slower
So I will let go.

If you need me today
Look for me here
In this quiet house
There are too many things to be done
Because if not me

If not me

Then who?

21 thoughts on “If You Need Me….

    1. Outstanding! It was me, then it was my daughter, then it was one of my sons, then it was me again, only younger this time…brilliant!

      1. To be clear, I moved this blog to wordpress and wrote that poem with the intent of befriending Lizzi, and then bringing her, and subsequently, REDdog to this moment today. Double reverse stalking.

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